A Shakespeare Music Catalogue (compiled by Bryan NS Gooch & David Thatcher)  


  British Hymn Writers and Composers - a Checklist
(Andrew J Hayden & Robert F Newton 1979); Appendix & Revisions 1979

British Library Catalogue of Printed Music  (1981)

  Composer, The  

Concert Programmes


Hymn Books (various)

  Hymn Sociey Bulletin  
  (International) Who's Who in Music (various editions 1915 -  )  
  London Stage, The (consulted in Guildhall Library)  

Miscellaneous Music Catalogues

  Monthly Musical Record, The   (1871 - 1960)  
  Music and Youth (1921 - 1927)  
  Music Journal, The (published by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM))  
  Musical Stnndard, The  ( 1881 -  )  

Musical Times, The  (1844 - )

  Organ, The  
  Organist and Choirmaster, The (1893 - 1917)  
  Organists' Review, The  

Performing Rights Society - publications and historic records


Royal Academy of Music:
    Student Rolls
    RAM Magazine  


Royal College of Music:
    Student Rolls
    RCM Magazine

  Royal College of Organists - Almanacs and Yearbooks  

Recorder & Music Magazine (later The Recorder Magazine)


Royal College of Organists Yearbook


Royal School of Church Music Publications:
    Promoting Church Music (1963 - 1970)
    English Church Music (1952 - 1962)
    Church Music Quarterly (CMQ)


The Music Teacher


The Organist and Choirmaster


Who’s Who in Music (1915 → )